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throughout these fluid times

I’m honoured that you’re joining this course, to be empowered in your immense, vibrant creative potential! Together we’re going to clear all the detritus that’s slowing down our Life full of Gift and Giving – here we’ll be opening the way to a more blessed, enriched Life!


“A rich person can buy what they want. A poor person makes their wealth by means of creativity” Musa Dağdeviren

This quote is at the core of what is powering this course: when we’re immersed in consumerism, we see all solutions as transactions – we become profoundly disconnected from our own capacity to touch and feel things, to make things, to find genius solutions and spontaneous miracles. Instead we head to the nearest shop/ website, expending vast amounts of energy and resources to ‘acquire’ an object or service to get rid of the symptom of our need.

This course will challenge us to step out of our conditioning towards disconnect and transaction, and into our divine creative flow: we’re going to awaken both our incredible inherent power to relate with the world energetically, and we’re going to build new connections and interconnectedness-with-all-things….

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