Welcome to this Living Transmission around Be-ing More Self-Empowered into your Immense, Vibrant Creative Potential! Right Now on this beautiful planet, we’re actively clearing all the detritus that’s slowing down a Blessed Life full of Gift and Giving – we’re opening the Way to a more Enriched, Vibrantly Alive Life. This website holds space for our Collectively Transitioning into this New Harmonious World-View.

“A rich person can buy what they want. A poor person makes their wealth by means of creativity” Musa Dağdeviren

This quote is at the core of what is powering this Transmission: when we’re immersed in consumerism, we see all solutions as transactions – we become profoundly disconnected from our own capacity to touch and feel things, to make things, to find genius solutions and Spontaneous Miracles: we head to the nearest shop/ website, expending vast amounts of energy and resources to ‘acquire’ an object or service to ‘get rid of’ the ‘symptom’ that is masking our True Need.

This series of sharings will challenge You to step out of conditioned disconnect and transaction, and into Divine Creative Flow: we’re collectively awakening our incredible Innate Power to relate with the world Energetically, and we’re building new connection and Interconnection With All Things…

The Sacred Intention behind these Sharings, is that we all Support Each Other, through the Gift of Our Inimitable Biodiverse Nature, To Grow Into A Bliss-Full Deeper Reality than the one that we’re currently suffering and striving within.

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