Welcome to the Living In The Gift

This site is inspired and enthused by Charles Eisenstein’s course LIVING IN THE GIFT

It currently contains conversations around how we can better align with our gifts, and create a harmonious world.

Our vision is evolving, and behind the scenes a course is being developed, on the practicalities of living aligned with our gifts, with the gift economy…

The context for the project is this: we’ve reached and passed the peak of the isolated-patriarch hierarchy-based beliefs – the rule of competition and control.

This reign is in a phase of rapidly-declining efficiency on multifarious levels: in relation to our environment, our politics, our economic structures, our spirituality, our culture, our societies, and our health… Many of us feel powerless in the face of this seeming atrophying of life.

This is the paradigm of :

This is the reality that says – I win, therefore you must lose, and keeps us all in constant friction with each other.

Fortunately we’re in a period of transition – we’re beginning to see the logic of working together rather than working against each other; of supporting the good of all, rather than the greed of the individual, and rather than condoning the profit of omnipotent corporations.

We’re starting to understand that we need radical solutions, big changes in our everyday, and in our assumptions about what we’re entitled to…

But we still don’t have much of a collective vision of it all working harmoniously; we’re moving through a paradigm of:

…Or perhaps more than two, but not many: we see partial possibility in working together, or we find a small cluster of harmony with others, but we don’t really understand how to scale it up.

Living in the gift on the other hand, is rooted in the belief that our human potential, individually and collectively, is immense. ‘Living in the gift’ has a lot to do with women and the feminine re-entering the mainstream: more cooperative, long-term visioning, interconnectedness and all-of-us-first thinking, sentience and wholeness, feeling and intuition, embodied knowing. These newly-awakening aspects in the collective allow us to access flow, synchronicity, and a wholistic interbeing.

Our potential in relation to the living-in-the-gift paradigm is literally infinitely greater than our impotent functioning within the contemporary philosophy of aggressive profit – of everything being a transaction.

Living in our gifts means growing, harvesting and sharing our energy, our resources, our information, wisdom, and power. It’s about holding the space for a much bigger, more generous vision of what’s possible in our world.

It’s the idea that we have the capacity, if we build our energy, and better organise our systems and inter-relationships, we’ll be able, ultimately, to access a much more harmonious reality.

This is the dynamic, the evolving paradigm of:

This project is a means of speaking to that: to what living-in-the-gift might mean to us all. What do we want it to mean? How can we all become a unique expression of human being as a gift to the world? What are we experiencing of The Gift in our lives right now? What do we vision, as ways that we can work in more integrated, efficient and loving ways together – for the benefit of all life?

This project wants to speak to these questions and more – to open a deep, wide, high conversation on how we bring our unique gifts out into the world, and how our gifting might be harnessed for the betterment of all things.

Unlike a one-time summit event, this site is a permanent container for inspiring discourses around this potent topic: it is a gift to the world, and so is open and public – for everyone.

At the same time, and in the spirit of reciprocal generosity and building of our collective energy, you’re welcome to donate via the buttons under the videos, to demonstrate your appreciation for each contributor’s sharing.

If you would love to submit a conversation, please message us via the contact page. You may contribute videos, podcasts or written files, art work or inspiration.

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