Hi and welcome to The School Of Real Art – and our podcast this month on THE INTUITIVE BUSINESS:

Hi dear SORA friend,

How do we make money out of our art?! Almost all courses nowadays in ‘creative business’ or ‘soulful entrepreneurship’ take us WAAAAAY in the wrong direction, and can actually be very damaging to our deepest relationship with our creativity and core power.

I talk about how our coping mechanisms are manipulated, and how our deepest creative power is intimately related to de-armouring these mechanisms – NOT to overstimulating ourselves, driving ourselves, or pushing-pushing-pushing.


I explain a little too, about how the majority of your gains and rewards from your art ARE NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY – and how important it is to keep the perspective about this, so that you can really thrive (both creatively and financially!)

It’s not that money is not important in this reality BUT IT IS VITAL that you have your life-art-health-work-money equation in the right order!

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So much creative inspiration and well-being to you,




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  1. Mleissa says:

    I agree with many of your points here! It drives me nuts when I hear the ‘working hard’ mantra. I alway think, “define ‘hard’ please” – because my dad worked ‘hard’ climbing towers in oil refineries in 100 degrees – and we lived week to week. I think ‘work smart or work best’ is more fitting. Even work loooong might be a bit more relatable. Working hard is no guarantee of anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    • claregallowayartist says:

      Thank you so much for this great response – and yes, absolutely – particularly the long-term, the nourished – but particularly NOT the ‘hard’ – for women it is just so vital that we self-care first, and then attract what we need and want to us, rather than striving for it… It’s amazing how life begins to flow and synchronise, when we do that! Thank you again for replying – it’s great to keep this kind of dialogue going – women are rewriting the world right now! 😀


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