There’s never been a collective activation like there is happening right now on our beautiful Gaia planet; so far as we know this is the first time in our evolution that we are collectively both manifesting a truly shared reality, and initiating a significant shift in direction.

Though it might appear on the surface (or via the so-called ‘mainstream’) that we’re descending even-more-profoundly into the fear-tension-pain spiral, there is a potent counter movement of living men and women, who over-stand the direction we were collectively moving in – and who know the solutions and remedies to our perceived ‘crisis’ situation.

Note that in this module there are no worksheets or exercises;

the ongoing work is in the list below of research links –

gateways into dismantling the current illusion that

we are at war with Nature, Self and Each Other.

intro to this section

In this module, I’m going to address some of the core issues around this time, and to offer some actually manifestable solutions which will lead to remedy and better future for us all. Be aware that my research and practical wisdom around manifestation and walking in alignment with the mystical, involve pulling away veils that obscure the nature of our systems and structures – including those we perpetuate within ourselves . If it comes as a shock to you that our current political-economic-medical agenda is neither a benign nor a necessary structure, nor is it designed to support our living and thriving… well, just be prepared and take it slowly. Do your research outwith the mainstream, and question everything that mainstream is conducing you to believe and to follow.

the world ‘crisis’, the nature of the system, and our part in it all
the complex journey from here to really H E R E!

These two videos below delve into the intertwined aspects of our distorted inner and outer worlds, which are the very fuel for the current global health-power-security-stability ‘crisis’. I’m focussing here on how we untangle the bondage that we’ve been participating in for centuries, by methodically coming back to who we are.

I’m also sharing here an extensive list of practical links that are mentioned in the videos – which can support our individual and collective eye-mind-heart-spirit expanding.

The remedy to much of what’s suppressing our very Being lies in our being able to more deeply overstand (not a typo) the nature of the structures that we lean on – so we can pull ourselves out of uninformed consent to them. As small an action as it might seem, removing ourselves from non-informed consent is one of the most potent world-changing tools that we have; our free Will and our deeply educated being is the most powerful force when it is loosened from its shackles: collectively we have the potential to effortlessly rise, symbiotically with all things.

This module obviously has a lot of material to digest, so please do take it slowly, stay grounded and centred, keep rested-relaxed-nourished… This final section is an open call to expansion into our shared light, positive energy, divinity and possibility.

the open-ended ending
This is a great overview for those delving into the real nature of the bondage that we are in as citizens rather than Living Women and Men.

As mentioned in this final podcast message, a solid place to research and understand the O P P T is via this website: I am currently deep in study of this subject,and will update through my work when I reach any conclusion that opens the path for us all to Live more freely and in Gift! There are many collectives of living women and men resonating together around similar concepts and representations of ultimate divine freedom, and our absolute sovereignty and power/ responsibility – do your research, and ground it always in what you KNOW – what you feel deeply and widely and most highly as True. There are many cul-de-sacs and tempting ‘easy paths to freedom’ in this world, but our real growth holistically and spiritually is our inimitable One path that will transition us into True, Infinite sovereignty.

As also discussed, contact me directly via this website’s contact page, my main website, or my Patreon.

Soooo much love, light, so many blessings and so much beauty to you – may your path into Gift be effortless and abundant in every sense,


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