whole health

These are conversations around how we best raise our vitality and wellbeing – how we can avoid the pitfalls of e.g. all-consuming burnout, when we’re working (or endeavouring to work) with our gifts. And what illness is; why it can be a source of great treasures for us.

Some thoughts on what burnout is, and how we can cultivate our life-gifting to avoid it…
Some thoughts on illness – and deep conflict with the world – as the gateway to awakening.

individual flourishment

We all have unique relationships with gift, with how our gifts go into the world, and with how they are rewarded by the world. Here are some dialogues that hopefully will inspire your ongoing flourishing as a fulfilled human!

A podcast on Self-full Selflessness

This podcast talks about Self-Full Selflessness – the issue of financial well-being whilst working/ living in the gift – which also speaks to 3 vital areas that we need to attend to if we’re going to flourish in both giving *and* receiving Gift.

I’d love to hear further dialogue around this…. I’m developing a mentoring programme to in particular attend to the main blocks that keep us in smaller, tighter, abstaining cycles, when we could be expanding and radiating effortlessly into the world.

time poverty, freedom, living in the gift

A discourse around time (poverty), freedom, and living in the gift

Here I’m speaking to the roots of time poverty – and freedom: how our lives ultimately might be aligned towards one or the other. My own particular path in life has evolved through a continuous choosing of freedom, even when it has meant having to face hardship or discomfort. Here, I’m exploring what is required in order for our fullest freedom to exist, and the state of neediness, of vulnerability and not-knowing, that might be necessary for our being in the flow, in full creative freedom.

I speak also to the choices that might lead us away from our sovereignty, away from our freedom of time; if we understand more about the path we took towards being bound into rigid time-power-energy structures, we can more easily know the path out of that boundness, and perhaps into our freedom.